On our way to the post-production

Filming in Egypt starts in January
December 18, 2015
Arabic Press Release: بداية المونتاج
April 21, 2016

We just wrapped up the shooting of the documentary “A Footnote in Ballet History?” in New York City, Chicago and Cairo (Egypt) thanks to the contributions of our generous supporters on Indigogo who helped us raise $11,670.

The interviews in the United States with the pioneers of Egyptian ballet Magda Saleh, Diane Hakak, Nadia Habib Eskinazi, Safwat Gerges and their successors and colleagues today in Cairo Aleya Abdel Razek and Wadoud Faizy captured the rich and storied adventure of Egyptian ballet.

We are now editing close to a hundred hours of material in France where the rest of the post-production will take place.